Total Restoration Ministries

Restore unto me the Joy of Your salvation (Psalm 51:12)

About Us

Total Restoration Ministries was founded in 2015.  Ministers and members from various churches came together, tired of church as usual, and put the best of what they had learned together to form a new ministry devoted to helping people.  Without a building to call a permanent home, Total Restoration accepted invitation from Pastor Pete Johnson of Testimony Ministry to use their space.  Regular worship services were held on Sunday morning, and these were followed by homeless outreach ministry.

The leadership and members of Total Restoration understood that all believers should learn to exercise their gifts.  When it became apparent that many ministers did not have training required to effectively exercise their gifts, a shift took place.  It was later determined that to fulfill the call as Total Restoration, the ministry had to focus on giving ministers the tools they need to carry out the work of the Church as detailed in Ephesians 4.

Total Restoration Ministries evolved to become a teaching ministry.  While it is understood that ministers can and should learn from their primary pastors, we also recognize that individual pastors have a lot on their plate, and so we make our ministry available to augment, not replace, any training required by their pastor.

Ours is a rigorous, Bible based, in-depth curriculum, developed over years, with input from various churches, ministries, fellowships, and denominations with whom we partner.  It is our belief that by providing this unified foundation, ministers across the country will be better equipped to serve God in their local congregations and communities, and to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people who need it most: the lost children of God, looking to find their way home.

Finally, Total Restoration Ministries is a support ministry.  We connect churches and ministries with the resources they need to carry out the ministry of reconciliation.  We do not subscribe to any one denomination, but rather the words of Christ: God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in Truth.  To that end, we do not limit our interactions and support by denomination, organization, association, or fellowship.  We extend ourselves to any church or ministry that is dedicated to Jesus.

We are members of Covenant Family Fellowship of Churches and Endtime Restoration Kingdom Alliance.

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