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Restore unto me the Joy of Your salvation (Psalm 51:12)

Don't Be A Peter

Do not take (assume or use) the Lord's name (authority or representation) in vain (outside its intended purpose) - you thought it meant don't cuss, didn't you? I'm not giving license to curse, I'm trying to help you out.

Some Americanized Christians are in trouble and don't realize it. When you claim to be Christian (Christ like) and treat people like they are beneath you, ostracize those who are different from you, attack those disagree with you, THAT is using the Lord's name in vain. When you lash out at people who think differently, when you shame the girl who felt abortion was her only option, when you bad-mouth the drug addict and alcoholic, when you alienate people from other cultures, when you attack people who have done things which violate your moral code, when you are on the offensive, you're not Christian. You're a Peter (check Luke 22:49-51 and John 18:10-11).

Are you inflicting wounds "in God's name," or are you reaching out to heal those who are wounded?

Don't be a Peter.

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